Hunter Valley Torana Club hope that everyone is staying safe during this tough time.  Due to current restrictions that the […]

Club Patron – Colin Bond

Colin John Bond (born 24 February 1942) is a retired Australian racing driver. Colin initially made a reputation as a […]

TT36 Torana 1967 – 1969

Does the Torana Legend live on? The 7th of October 2004 saw the Torana name live on with the release […]

GTR-X Torana

The date was August 25th 1970. The Holden HQ was still down the track, the LC XU-1 was brand new […]

LX A9X Torana

In August 1977, Holden introduced one of the best cars it has ever produced- a car so good that it […]

LH L34 Torana

It was obvious that a special ‘Bathurst’ version of the SLR was needed. In Holden’s archives there are photos of […]

XU-1 Torana (HOT)

The decision was made in 1968 to grid up a special version of the upcoming LC Torana to replace the […]

UC Torana 1978 – 1980

The UC series followed the LX and was the last of the Torana line. Major changes were made to the […]

LX Torana 1976 – 1978

When first released in early 1976, the LX was a mild facelift of the LH sedan with the addition of […]