LH Torana 1974 – 1976

The LH Torana, announced in March 1974, was Holden’s first all Australian medium car. Earlier Toranas had varied from pure […]

TA Torana 1974 – 1975

The TA Torana was a short lived four cylinder only series, built as an interim series between the last of […]

LJ Torana 1972 – 1974

February 1972 saw the facelift and refinement of the Torana with the release of the LJ series. Many features were […]

LC Torana 1969 – 1972

October 1969 saw GM-H’s move into the small / medium sector of the market with the introduction of the LC […]

HB Torana 1967 – 1969

SERIES I While the HB Torana was the first small Holden, it was not GM-H’s first small car, as they […]