TA Torana 1974 – 1975

The TA Torana was a short lived four cylinder only series, built as an interim series between the last of the LJs and the upcoming TX Gemini small car. The body sheet metal was identical to that of the LJ four cylinder cars and was identified by a new one piece body coloured plastic grille and new tail light assemblies with a bold silver finish surround.

The model lineup consisted of two trim levels: Torana and Torana Deluxe. The base model was available only as a two door and the Deluxe as a two or four door. The 1300cc OHV engine was the standard power plant on both models, while the 1760cc OHC was optional on the Deluxe only. The Trimatic auto was available as an option on the Deluxe only, with either engine. The Deluxe was quite well equipped for its day, with full carpeting, a push button radio, well trimmed bucket seats, chrome wheel trim rings and other minor items.

The TA series was replaced by the TX Gemini in March 1975.


Internal, cable operated bonnet release now standard.
Body side mouldings on Deluxe had PVC inserts (similar to HJ).
1300cc engine improved over LJ, also compression ratio increased.
All variants had 10-gallon (45.5 litre) fuel tank.
Alternator fitted was same as in six cylinder LJ.

Production Dates and Numbers:
Apr 1974 – Mar 1975: 11,304