TT36 Torana 1967 – 1969

Does the Torana Legend live on?

The 7th of October 2004 saw the Torana name live on with the release of the concept Torana the TT36.

Holden called upon its global resources to build the concept Torana which in part was also to demonstrate the strength and versatility of Holden’s design team in Australia.

TT36 highlighted Holden’s rear wheel drive power train expertise in the worldwide market. The new millennium hatch pays homage to the Bathurst winning A9X Torana, itself an automotive legend of the halcyon days in Australian motor sport.

“It is the first Holden show car to merge Australian design and engineering expertise with GM technical resources. Quite simply it is a game changer in automotive design and production.” states Denny Mooney the then Holden General Manager and Chairman.

“Naming the concept car was easy, We knew many fans would immediately call it Torana because it is high powered, mid-sized, rear wheel drive hot hatch. The TT36 stands for twin turbo 3.6.” Mooney added.
The new Torana has slingshot performance with its Alloytec V6 producing 280kw and it’s 480Nm of torque coming on around 1600rpm through a six speed gearbox. Excellent power to weight ratio is another Torana trait, dating back to the mighty V8 conquering GTR XU-1.

Tony Stolffo, Holden’s Design Director states “the cars aggressive, sports orientated frontal treatment recalled its hard charging Torana heritage while speaking the design language of the present. “And because it’s a vehicle which delivers a really large interior compartment in relation to its exterior size, It shows off our packaging skills, which are a traditional Holden strength” he added.

“The Torana TT36 may simply for show-but it’s not about outrageous technology. We consider that something very close to this concept could be practically achievable in the not- to- distant future,”Stolfo added.


CONTROL AND HANDLING- 280kw twin turbo Alloytec V6, 6 speed heavy duty transmission, LSD, Independent SLA suspension, forged aluminium upper and lower control arms and knuckles and Adjustable aluminium monotube shocks with coil springs.

EXTERIOR- Luminous Mangenta paint scheme, panoramic glass roof, mirror mounted repeater LED indicators, twin aircraft style fuel fillers, textured mesh grille inserts, fog lamps, twin chrome exhaust outlets and 20” ten spoke hand cast alloy rims in Titan silver.

INTERIOR- Tailored white leather seats(8 way electric), white leather door trims, 4 spoke deep dish leather steering wheel with menu navigation roller controls, full length LED strip lighting, DVD screens integrated into front headrests, Starter button and full TFT touch screen menu driven display.

SAFETY-ABS brakes, traction control, electronic brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, cornering brake control and electronic stability program.

The question is will we ever see another Torana for sale in our local Holden dealers …..let’s hope so!